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Doing Business in China - Top Ten Do's

The following is a list of "Do's" I have compiled from over 25 years of doing business in Greater China in general and in PR China specifically: DO # 1 - Be Prepared for the Great Firewall of China. Install two (2) VPNs on your devices and computers. Download content that you might want to access beforehand onto devices -- or print out hard copies of said content!

DO # 2 - Install WeChat, China's killer app for everything.

DO # 3 - Do hire translators or interpreters - your own!

DO # 4 - Prepare an extra supply of your medication (including GI - gastrointestinal meds).

DO # 5 - Do shop around - vendors, partners, interpreters, consultants, hotels, etc.

DO # 6 - Do assume unbelievably low prices are achievable. "Getting to Yes" doesn't work in China.

DO # 7 - Do investigate trademark protection in China ASAP. Don't wait.

DO # 8 - Do use NNNs - non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention.

DO # 9 - Make sure agreements are at least bilingual if not in Chinese.

DO # 10 - Compliance - Follow the letter and spirit of the law - even if your local partners don't.

I will flesh out and elucidate these action items in subsequent blog posts.

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